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Here’s a tip for you Here’s a tip for you

We always do our best to give our customers more, and we think you deserve the same. So since our exciting pre-Christmas incentive with Pete the Kiwi was such a success, we thought: let’s do it all again!

To make things simple, we’re running this incentive in a slightly different way. You still do your thing and make as many Air New Zealand bookings as possible, but this time bookings just need to be ticketed between 26 December 2017–28 February 2018 to count. (Still flying to LA or New Zealand, ex-UK with us or our partner airlines, ticketed Air New Zealand, of course.) Once you’ve ticketed a booking, all you need to do is log it using the form below. Each booking is another entry into the draw, offering a second chance to win one of those über-cool prizes: the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand, that VIP trip to LA, the OTT London weekend, and tonnes more!

Your chance to WIN - Log your bookings 2 November–15 December 2017
What you could win What you could win
Meet Pete the Kiwi Meet Pete the Kiwi

Have you met Pete? Great bloke. And he’s available, too, if you’re headed to New Zealand and need a guide. Here’s another little tip—watching this video will come in super-handy if you want to enter our prize draw...

Our tips for a Better Way to Fly Our tips for a Better Way to Fly

At Air New Zealand, we love what we do, and we never stop looking for ways to bring our customers a better way to fly. It's an award-winning approach (not that we’re bragging) that we believe comes down to our uniquely Kiwi attitude. Here are some tips we fly by.

Every booking counts Every booking counts

Every booking you ticket with Air New Zealand between 26 December 2017–28 February 2018, to Los Angeles or New Zealand (ex-UK, even if it's with one of our partners), can be entered into the prize draw. And it gets better: more passengers, and more premium cabins mean even more chances of winning! Want to see how that works? Click here to find out.

Which cabin does Pete visit last?